Rabbit Introduction


Welcome to our Rabbit Section

Over the past few years rabbits have become increasingly popular pets. At the Darwin Veterinary Centre we are always happy to meet, treat and give advice on these friendly and cuddly animals.

Common Rabbit Diseases

Our rabbit disease fact sheet

Choosing a Rabbit

Avoiding the pitfalls.

General Health

Common rabbit ailments.


Feeding for good health.


Protecting your rabbit against Myxomatosis and HVD.


Yes, it does exist for rabbits!


Puberty and how to avoid unwanted litters.

Housing and Exercise

Choosing appropriate accommodation for your rabbit.

Good News for Tubby Bunnies

One in three rabbits is now thought to be suffering from weight-related problems.

Introduction to Houserabbits

Have you ever thought about keeping your rabbit indoors! Find out more....

Litter Training Houserabbits

A ten-point plan for litter training house bunnies.

Over-wintering Rabbits

A guide to keeping your rabbit safe and warm this winter.


The gruesome facts, and how to avoid it.

Heatstroke in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Advice on avoiding this commonly overlooked problem.

Further Information

For rabbit owners.